Lucky hand dice allows any player to enjoy the exciting gameplay and compete for a big prize.

Lucky hand dice

Originating in America (presumably at the end of the 18th century in New Orleans), table craps gambling craps pretty soon crossed the ocean and gained popularity first in Europe and later in the world. Until now, interest in this game has not died out. Lucky hand dice allow you to spend your free time excitingly and get high chances to win.

Almost every casino will offer this exciting and dynamic game. Moreover, there are a large number of options for this dice game, therefore it is important to read the rules and conditions of the game for each version. But there are general rules, bets, purpose and terms of the game in craps for all options. This is what the article is about.

  • The number of players is not limited.
  • The number of dice is two for the throw.
  • The number of stages is from one to two.

Lucky hand dice are in high demand and demand, both for beginners and experienced players, because they have a large number of advantages.

Game features

It is quite difficult for beginners to immediately grasp the rules, because the noisy atmosphere prevailing around the craps tables – roaring, screeching, laughing – does not allow focus. But craps are not created for concentrated and reserved people. This is a bright and open game. And its pace is fast enough, not comparable to elegant roulette or playing cards, where an open expression of emotions is not welcome.

Craps, on the contrary, disposes strangers to communication: they begin to “root” for the thrower, violently rejoicing in winning throws. The dealer leading the game does not lag behind the players and spectators. For him, there are even certain “chants” that accompany the game process. Perhaps the stickman is the noisiest dealer in the casino. If you happen to visit a land-based casino and play craps, you may even pay attention to the manner of some stickmen to pronounce these phrases very quickly (tongue twister).

But, nevertheless, the seemingly complexity of playing craps (various bets, English terminology, intricate table layout, constant throws, fuss with chips, leapfrog with bets) will not be so repulsive if you first study the outline of the game, general rules in craps and understand its essence. Get used to English terminology along the way.

Advantages and features of the brand offers a large number of benefits for any player who wants to spend their free time fun. The best conditions have been created for registered players on the site and various tournaments are held on an ongoing basis and bonuses are issued. This allows you to spend your free time excitingly and compete for big cash prizes.

The betting field on the gaming table is divided into three parts: two symmetrical base fields at the edges, and one more between them in the center.

The central field is the field for bets on one shooter shooter. Often in the markup of this field there are bones in the form of points (indices), and not just numbers. Bets on this field are accepted and set only by the stickman. Base fields or base – fields for betting on the line. According to the rules of the casino, players can independently place bets on this field.

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