Casino Dice Games: Win Big Payouts by Rolling the Dice of Your Life

Casino dice games: the brief guide to understand your options

Dice casino games may be not the most popular, however, they have totally occupied a particular niche and won the heart of many casino players. In land-based casinos, casino dice games are responsible for the busiest and loudest locations such as a craps table that often beats even a poker table. Even if online all the fuss is avoided, dice games still maintain high tension of the players.

How to play casino dice

Craps are the most famous game using dice, however, actually, there are many more exciting games. They seem hard at the beginning, so many players are simply afraid to give them a try. Still, they have their value. So here is the list of dice games:

  1. Craps. The American game uses two dice, and players make their bets against the casino on the results of these dice rolling; this game have bigger odds than many other casino games and also has many variations;
  2. Hazard. This is the English old casino dice game that became the base for craps. It has different terminology, but similar gameplay.
  3. Chuck-A-Luck. The Australia originated game uses six numbered dice that are rolled inside a chuck cage. The bets are places on particular dice giving the particular result;
  4. Klondike. The old low budget casino game uses five dice;
  5. Banka Francesca. The popular Portuguese game uses three dice, has a large house edge and reminds of Baccarat;
  6. Sic Bo. The popular Asian casino game uses three dice.

All the games have their own peculiarities of the rules and the gameplay, which make them so interesting to play.

How to play craps – the most popular casino dice game

On craps payouts, the only result that is going to pay you is if you guess the dice sides right. Deciding what bet to make, the gamblers can consider all the odds of different dice combinations, which can be calculated using the craps payouts chart, or simply trust their intuition.

There are the following types of bets:

  • Pass bet;
  • Don’t Pass bet;
  • Any Seven –on a seven;
  • Craps –on a two, three and twelve;
  • Place bet –on a four, five, six, eight, nine and ten rolled before a seven;
  • Lay bet –on a seven rolled before a chosen number;
  • Field bet –on a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve to be next;
  • Hard bet –on a number made by two same dice sides.

After bets are placed, players shoot two dice, and each of such rounds can be divided in “come-out” phase and “point” phase. The first shot is come-out, and the result of rolling may or may not trigger a point shot. The result of a two, three or twelve fails ‘pass’ bets and favors ‘don’t pass’ bets. The result of a seven and eleven favors ‘pass’ bets. All other sets trigger the point shot and set the number, in which the roll has to result once more prior to a seven for success of ‘pass’ bets.

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