Sic Bo – Game Play, Rules, Variations

Sic Bo Game Rules and Tips for Beginners

Sic Bo game is incredibly popular in China. It is one of the earliest and most iconic dice games on the planet. It has been around for centuries in numerous Asian nations. However, the Sic Bo casino game is rather out of favor in the Western world. If you have never ever attempted it in the past, let us do it today!

On this page, you will discover Sic Bo gambling establishment video game rules and strategies to play online. Even if you have actually never ever played it before, you are to find out how to do it soon. Furthermore, we have actually evaluated a few of the most popular Sic Bo game variations available to use the internet.

Sic Bo – Chinese Dice Casino Game

The game is played with 3 dices. The primary goal of the gamer is to predict their values. You will need to place your wager on the table, which is very comparable to the roulette table. After you put your bet, the dice are shaken by the croupier in a special box. The result of your bet will be identified after every dice comes to rest.

The table may seem extremely made complex in the beginning, but you will easily become knowledgeable about it. Considering that there are lots of free Sic Bo video game variants readily available online, we highly suggest you to attempt it in the demo mode instead of risking your genuine cash.

Sic Bo Bets

There is plenty of betting option in this video game. Here are the a lot of fundamental of them:

  • Small bet. Position your chips in this box if you think that dices will roll a sum between 4 and 10;
  • Big bet. Put chips in this box when you have a feeling that the sum will go beyond 10.

These bets pay 1 to 1, but they have the smallest home edge. Do note that any combination of the same three dice (such as 3-3-3, 1-1-1, 5-5-5, and so on) will make your fundamental bets lose.

Besides the fundamental bets, the video game permits you to wager on the particular sum for a greater payment.

The enormous quantity of video game variations

Grand Hazard

This is a Sic Bo video game variation that came from English casinos. It is extremely similar to the Chinese original.

The game is had fun with three dices and is used a comparable table. However, you will not lose if you get a triple in this video game. Grand Risk features threes-of-a-kind, referred to as “raffles “. They offer a high payout (18:1).

In the rest, it is almost similar to the original game. You can quickly get the grasp of it!


This game comes from Grand Risk. It is a really simple variation of a Sic Bo game. It is much simpler to play, that makes it fantastic for novices. Sadly, it is not as popular as Sic Bo or Grand Threat, so it is hard to find gambling establishments where you can play it.

Just like the other video games in this post, Chuck-a-luck is had fun with 3 dices. It has fewer possible wagers in contrast to the Sic Bo video game.

In the most basic variation of this video game, you require to put your bet on a board labeled 1-6. You get a 1:1 payment if your number appears once, a 2:1 payment if it appears twice, and a 3:1 payout if all 3 dices have the exact same numbers.

Play Free Sic Bo Game for Fun

You can play these free video games online. It is featured on lots of gambling websites. There are many electronic variations of this video game from different software service providers.

Here are a few of the companies that permit you to play this game for free:

  • Novomatic;
  • Digitain;
  • Habanero;
  • Gamesys NV.

They use the very same fundamental rules but may feature slightly different payouts.

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