Dice Tower Con is gathering many people from all over the world

H1 Dice Tower Con is an excellent event for broad games fans

Thanks to advanced technologies and innovations, we are entering a new era of gambling in 2019. All this brought gambling to a high-level of development. Now playing games is becoming more interesting and exciting thanks to the advent of online gambling, mobile gambling, social games, virtual reality ones. But playing at home, in a comfortable chair, we lose the opportunity for live communication, and work and various chores absorb all our time.

Now there is a solution to this problem, you can spend your leisure time in a really entertaining way, meet new people, and at the same time, play your favorite games and have fun to the fullest.

This convention is an event for gambling people. Here you can meet everyone who wants to play the best games, from the best gaming library of board games, join the people in the most wonderful place on earth.

Review of Dice Tower Con

All this action takes place every year in July in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida. This event lasts five days, which will remain in your memory as a bright and colorful event of your whole life. Dice Tower Con is where you can try a variety of board games and experience unimaginable excitement. Players can take their family members with them so that they can plunge into the fun too, feel easy atmosphere of gambling and be a kind of support for them.

The meeting place for the players is the Florida Hotel, which is part of The Florida Mall. It is located near the airport and passes along the highway so that players arriving at the convention can easily get to their apartments.

Four huge halls and several smaller rooms are available for games, there are a children’s zone, zones of hot games and flea markets. This event provides food in abundance for all the participants. Free parking is guaranteed.

Dice Tower library is rich in a variety of games, but it is planned to increase the catalog to make it the best library of board games in the world. Dice Tower Con players coming to Orlando play games of various genres at the tables. There are small annual where comics, toys and films, board games are presented.

Future plans for Dice Tower Con

Dice Tower’s official events next year will be reduced so that more time is devoted to games. The Dice Tower Awards will also be removed from the convention and will be held online. These decisions were made to free up more time for exciting games. There will be a variety of entertaining shows, Pitch Car tournaments, and there are also plans for the return of Wits & Wagers.

The five days that are filled with gaming delight and excitement time passed by really quickly and make you feel nostalgic for the Dice Tower Con when it ends. Days filled with games from morning to night are so captivating that upon returning home you really miss the gaming atmosphere of this event. This unforgettable event brings maximum pleasure to even the most sophisticated players.

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