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Dice poker is a board game with dice, which uses poker combinations: set, street, full house and four of a kind. In regular poker, they are made up of cards, and here – from the numbers on the sides of the die. For example, 44441 is a square of fours, and 22266 is a full house of twos and sixes.

Winning dice poker depends in part on luck, but skill also plays a significant role. The result depends on how the players manage the numbers that will fall on the dice. You can choose a “tit in your hands” and focus on simple combinations. And you can catch the “crane in the sky” and try to collect complex combinations, the reward for which is higher.

In Poker Dice, special dice, on the sides of which cards are marked: aces, kings, ladies, jacks, tens and nines. Here the result depends on how the player writes the combinations. Some of them can be sacrificed to get more points for others. At Poker Dice, it all depends on luck.

Rules of the game

For the game we need 5 dice. Combinations are recorded on the sheet. There are special forms in the sold kits for the live game, but you can draw them yourself. In an online game, everything you need is on the screen.

Game screen during the move

Number of participants: from 2.

Goal: score more points than rivals.

How to score points: add combinations of cubes.

The order of the game: rivals take turns and write down combinations on a sheet.

Number of moves: 13 for each participant.

Order of play: 3 throws with the right to leave or toss some dice at the player’s choice.

The player must record one combination during a turn. You can record in any field, even if it gives zero points. The combination can be recorded at any time during the move. For example, having received 44444 with the first throw, you can immediately record poker and not use two additional throws. But these throws cannot be saved: the next turn, you can still roll dice only three times, not five.

For example, we collected 55632. The “Five” field is free, but it will only give 10 points (5 + 5). We can very well write our combination in “Units” for zero. In this field, it is still impossible to score more than 5 points, but the successful completion of the “Fives” can bring 15-25 points.

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